Santa Monica, CA

Eric is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer offering PsyXtraining, an evolutionary approach to manifesting your healthiest, happiest, most highly actualized self through a guided process of mind/body transformation.

The PsyXtraining method synthesizes motivational understandings informed by Eric’s BA degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from George Washington University, with highly advanced training techniques and peak performance insights gained from his experience as a surf instructor, motorcycle racer, and competitive martial artist trained under some of the highest-attained masters in the world, including the founder of UFC, Rorion Gracie, UFC Heavyweight Champions, Oleg Taktarov and Bas Ruten, and 6th degree Krav Maga black belt, Darren Levine.

Formerly under exclusive contract as the lead Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)-based personal trainer at world famous Gold’s Gym “The Mecca of Bodybuilding”, in Venice Beach, California, Eric is now available for self-defense seminars, group workouts, and private training sessions outside of Gold’s. For information on his GoPro-equipped surf lessons and guided safaris, please visit


You can’t spell “California” without “surfing”!

Well, actually that’s not true, but surfing still is probably the most quintessentially Californian thing that you can do.  There’s no feeling like it, and with my beach side and in-water instruction you’ll be standing up early and often.  Professionally edited photos and videos are available to be shot on-board with my state of the art GoPro Hero HD camera for all packages.

Your First Walk On Water:  This one-on-one hour long session is held in chest-high Santa Monica beach break, prized by beginner surf schools for its consistent whitewash and sandy bottom.  You’ll catch all the waves your arms can paddle for while receiving “right-by-your-side” coaching and supervision. ($75/person or $175 with edited photo/video)

The Surfin Safari:   This is a full day shutterbug’s dream experience!  We’ll start the day with a leisurely guided tour up the Pacific Coast Highway stopping at iconic surf meccas like Surfrider Beach, secret spots like Staircase, as well as ultra-scenic beaches like El Matador regularly chosen by fashion photographers as the background for major magazine shoots and TV commercials.  Then I’ll help you choose a beach where the conditions that day best match your abilities and we’ll spend a 2 hour lesson at your favorite spot.  Afterwards we’ll grab a meal at renowned beachfront restaurant like Gladstones, Dukes, or Moonshadows and recount the day’s greatest moments over some primo pub and grub before heading back to L.A.!  ($300/person including photo/video)

The Bucket List:  We’ll take a full day trip down to legendary San Onofre, including a beachside picnic and all-day surf lesson, in a land where grass huts, bonfires, and volleyball nets dot the beach, woodie station wagons still show up in the parking lot, and a series of 3 reef breaks offer up some of the sweetest, slowest, longest, and easiest to ride waves on the surface of planet earth! One of the most geographically unique, historically significant, and all around best surf beaches in the world, if you want to go back in a time machine to 1950 for the full “Beach Blanket Bingo” experience, here’s your chance.  ($400 /person including photo/video)

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